Q: When did the exhibition launch?

A: The exhibition launched in Ottawa in April 2015.

Q: Is the exhibition really in a truck?

A: Yes! This unique, mobile exhibition is housed inside a specially designed, 53-foot custom vehicle that provides 1,000 square feet of exhibit space. 

Q: Where will the exhibition travel? 

A: Since April 2015, the exhibition has welcomed 40,000 visitors across ten provinces, inspiring Canadians to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges. 

In 2017, as part of Canada’s 150th celebrations, the Together exhibition will be touring across the country to celebrate Canada’s leadership in promoting a more peaceful, prosperous, and pluralist world. Follow the journey here.

Q:  What’s in the exhibit?

A: The exhibition features:

  • Powerful photography, film and audio that bring the individual stories behind global change to life
  • Interactive components and unique objects that enable visitors to explore innovative solutions to global challenges – and uncover how they can build on their own skills and interests to take action 
  • Opportunities for visitors to share their experience with one another and with their social networks

Q:  What is Aga Khan Foundation Canada?

A: Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC) is a Canadian non-profit international development organization and a registered Canadian charity. For more than 35 years, AKFC has worked with Canadians to support improvements in the quality of life of poor, marginalized communities in Asia and Africa, and to foster discussions on global issues in Canada. For more information on our work, please visit www.akfc.ca.

Q: Can I arrange for a group visit to the exhibition?

A: We welcome groups to visit the exhibition. As the exhibition is self-guided, no advance reservation is required.

Q: Which Canadian organizations are featured in the exhibition? 

A: The exhibition currently features the work of 21 Canadian organizations:

  1. Aga Khan Foundation Canada 
  2. Canada World Youth 
  3. Canadian Co-operative Association
  4. Care Canada
  5. Coady International Institute 
  6. CODE
  7. Farm Radio International
  8. Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance 
  9. Grand Challenges Canada 
  10. International Development Research Centre 
  11. L’œuvre Léger
  12. MATCH International Women’s Fund
  13. McGill University 
  14. Mennonite Economic Development Associates 
  15. Plan Canada
  16. Right To Play Canada
  17. Save the Children Canada 
  18. SUCO - Solidarité Union Coopération 
  19. The Canadian Red Cross
  20. The Micronutrient Initiative 
  21. UNICEF Canada 

In addition, the exhibition recognizes nearly 400 Canadian organizations that are working to fight global poverty and improve quality of life in the developing world.