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Fragile governments, economies and environments can’t support development. If the foundations of a society are weak, improving living conditions is very difficult. Trade and markets may be unstable. Civil society groups and local government may lack the skills and knowledge to drive positive change. A changing climate and environmental disasters can cause major setbacks to development, and affect the poorest the most.

These challenges are often most acute in rural areas, where long distances and a lack of resources make development even more difficult.

There’s no easy fix, but for every challenge, there are many solutions: 

  • Strengthen governance at the grassroots: Encouraging local networks to become more democratic and representative makes communities stronger and more resilient in times of change.
  • Create local opportunities in remote locations: Successful economic development often works at the village level, especially in rural and remote locations—even in countries where the broader economy is weak or failing.
  • Reduce environmental risks: People can’t thrive when their air, land and water systems are damaged. Positive, lasting development goes hand-in-hand with protecting and improving the environment.

Those are some ideas, what are yours? Join the conversation and share your solutions on Twitter, using the hashtag #AllForChange.

Are you interested in learning more about fragile foundations? Plan your visit to Together: An Exhibition on Global Development.

"The best solutions start within the community."