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In some places, men and women don’t have the same opportunities. Gender roles often define which activities and resources are within reach – and women in particular face many roadblocks. Removing limits on what it means to be a woman or a man, a boy or a girl, opens new possibilities for everyone to contribute fully to their community. 

Some barriers are educational. Some are economic. And many barriers have deep roots.

There’s no easy fix, but for every challenge, there are many solutions: 

  • Educate girls and women: The most successful development programs equip women and girls with relevant knowledge and skills. These women become a vital part of their community’s social and economic growth.
  • Promote women in the labour force: When women are working, everyone benefits. Income earned by women helps support their households, family needs and community.
  • Support men supporting women: Everyone needs to be on board to make the world more equitable. Within communities, men can be strong supporters of women’s programs. Challenging traditional notions of masculinity and making men part of the solution leads to lasting change.

Those are some ideas, what are yours? Join the conversation and share your solutions on Twitter, using the hashtag #AllForChange.

Are you interested in learning more about gender equality? Plan your visit to Together: An Exhibition on Global Development.

"Gender roles shouldn’t define which opportunities are within reach."