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Every country needs healthy citizens who are equipped with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to work towards a better life for their families and communities. 

Learning is a lifelong process. Strong societies need an education system that spans from preschool to university, skills training and professional development opportunities. 

Health care also spans a wide range of services – from local community health resources to clinics, hospitals and providers of specialized care.

Too many people don’t have the basic ingredients of a healthy, productive life. In many places, school buildings, supplies and trained teachers are non-existent. Dependable medical care is far away. And families can’t afford a good education or proper health services.

There’s no easy fix, but for every challenge, there are many solutions: 

  • Empower community members to lead: Training local people to work in their community is a win-win solution. New midwives, nurses, teachers and early childhood educators can earn a living. Their skills strengthen communities and pave the way for positive change.
  • Connect services and resources to the community: When you live in a remote location, getting to a hospital or school can be difficult. Travel can involve dangerous roads, expensive transportation and long distances. Connecting remote communities with the tools for better health and education saves time, money – and lives.
  • If it’s not broken, don’t fix it – make it stronger: Sometimes hospitals, clinics and schools just need the right support. Identifying what’s working for a community and building on that strength is an important step of good development.

Those are some ideas, what are yours? Join the conversation and share your solutions on Twitter, using the hashtag #AllForChange.

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"Every country needs healthy citizens who have the tools, knowledge, and confidence to build a better life."