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Find out how Together: An Exhibition on Global Development is inspiring conversations on global development in communities across the country:

CTV NEWS Winnipeg Interview, Parts 1 & 2 (CTV NEWS WINNIPEG)

CTV News Winnipeg’s Katherine Dow gets a guided tour of the interactive exhibit pieces designed to teach Canadians about their role in global development, and how everyone has a part to play in reducing global poverty. A two part interview with exhibit manager Christine McGuire conducted while the truck was in Winnipeg at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights.

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Watch the Interview (Part 2)

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Mobile museum comes through Saskatchewan (Robyn Tocker – The Star)

Robyn Tocker from The Star in Melville Saskatchewan visited the Together exhibit and explored how there is no one solution to global poverty. There are many.  “[T]he exhibit…is divided in a way that exposes the problem in certain countries around the world…like a lack of electricity or education or a need for health care advisors”, explained Tour Manager Francois Grenier, “the section also provides a solution…[visitors] can learn more about global development and can make the world a better place.” 

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Radio Interview with CJOB Winnipeg (CJOB Winnipeg)

During its stay in Winnipeg the Together exhibit partnered with the Canadian Museum of Human Rights. Here is a local radio interview with Christine McGuire speaking on behalf of AKFC: “what happens in one part of the world really affects us in the other and it’s a ripple effect…I think that it’s really important that people walk through [the exhibit] because they can really see that they can be positive agents in this world to make effective changes both locally and globally.”

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Together truck travels to Regina for world-wide poverty education (Alex Johnson – Regina Leader Post)

Alex Johnson from the Regina Leader Post explored the Together exhibit during its stay at the Farmers’ Market located in downtown City Square Plaza. Tour Manager Francois Grenier discussed how Canadians possess tremendous potential to affect and reduce global poverty and improve quality of life in the developing world. This exhibition is sparking discussions on the important roles Canadians can play on the global stage. 


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